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Annual Renew Our Rivers Clean Up

Volunteers Needed for the 2023
Annual Renew Our Rivers Event

This November 3rd and 4th is the 19th  annual Renew Our Rivers Clean Up.  Hosted yearly, John Thompson has been cleaning our shores for decades and is looking forward to another successful campaign.  John has been part of LMRA since the 70’s and picking up trash is his passion.  

This will mark the 19th year that Renew Our Rivers has called for volunteers to clean the shorelines, and that’s no easy task.  There are lots of moving parts to get the trash out of the lake and properly disposed. “We’ve got over 800 miles of shoreline at Lake Martin. If we can remove trash from the roads and out of the ditches, we can keep an awful lot of trash out of the lake.” 

John provided the following images to show just how much trash has been removed from the lake.  It’s really incredible what can happen when we all come together. 

Renew Our Rivers

Lake Martin is not only a picturesque natural gem but also a vital resource for the community. The lake provides recreational opportunities and sustains a diverse ecosystem. However, like many bodies of water across the United States, it faces threats from pollution and debris. Thankfully, the Renew Our Rivers annual cleanup initiative has been instrumental in preserving and restoring the beauty and health of Lake Martin.

Lake Martin, often referred to as the “Crown Jewel of Alabama,” is a sprawling reservoir covering over 44,000 acres with more than 800 miles of shoreline. Nestled amid the rolling hills of Tallapoosa County, it’s a popular destination for boating, fishing, swimming, and wildlife observation. The lake’s clear waters and lush surroundings make it a haven for nature enthusiasts and water lovers alike.

Renew Our Rivers is an annual cleanup initiative that has been making a significant difference in the health and beauty of Lake Martin since its inception in 2000. Organized by Alabama Power in partnership with local communities and environmental organizations and LMRA, this program brings together volunteers who are passionate about preserving the lake for current and future generations.

Despite its natural splendor, Lake Martin faces environmental challenges like many other water bodies. Pollution from stormwater runoff, litter, and debris can accumulate over time, harming the ecosystem, reducing water quality, and affecting the recreational experience.

Lake Martin’s Renew Our Rivers annual cleanup initiative serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when communities come together to protect their natural treasures. Through the dedication of volunteers and the support of organizations like Alabama Power and LMRA, this program has become a beacon of hope for the lake’s environmental well-being. By fostering a sense of responsibility, educating the public, and promoting sustainable practices, Renew Our Rivers ensures that Lake Martin will continue to be a pristine and beloved destination for generations to come.

How can you help?  Mark your calendars for November 3 and 4th. Come to one of the 6 locations listed to be assigned a pick up area. 

For more info contact John Thompson at

Countdown to Renew Our Rivers

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