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Lake Martin Islands

The islands around Lake Martin have been called plenty of different names throughout the years.  

Here are some historical names and some newly adopted monikers.

Chimney Rock Lake Martin

Acapulco/ Chimney Rock

Acapulco Rock, nicknamed “Chimney Rock” is a popular spot for cliff jumpers of all ages.   Easily recognizable by the graffiti, memorials and “art” covering the rock face, you’ll also see it’s the spot to raft up in the summer months. The jump is 60′ off the water.  While a popular spot to jump, many calls are made every year for accidents and even deaths from jumping from the top.  The lower jumping spot nicknamed, Chicken Rock is a appx. 20′ off the water.

  • Cemetery/ Graveyard Island – A small county graveyard from before the construction of Martin Dam is located on what is now a tiny island in Lake Martin. About 30 by 30 yards (27 m) around, it is in the Bay Pine area.
  • Cheeseburger Island – A tiny island located North East of Goat Island.  A treasure box and picnic table adorn the island for a stop to each lunch or for small children to trade a treasure.
  • Deer Island – A small island located less than half a mile northwest of Kowaliga Marina. At low water levels, it is connected to the mainland by a land bridge. Deer often cross to the island during the winter when the water levels are lowest and become trapped when the water level rises. Its shore has wide banks of fine grain sand and thus many residents dock boats on the islands.
  • Dixie Island – Small Sandy beach south west of Chimney Rock
  • Doctor’s Island – So named because a group of doctors used the island as a base camp to fish.
  • Elvis – Jailhouse Rock scene on the back side of Dare Park
  • Flag Island- Easily identifiable by the American Flag that’s always flying from the tiny postage stamp size area.

Goat Island

Goat Island is a 70 acre island with sandy beaches to beach your boat and areas for camping on the East side of the island.   The island was also once inhabited by a dozen or so friendly goats who call the island home during the summer.  They were removed in 2021 after a series of events that led to concerns for the safety of the goats and visitors. 

  • Naked Island– Located across from Kowaliga Marina, and known for partying, Naked Island is a small island with a large sandbar. 
  • Neptune Island – Small Island in Parker Creek with a statue of Neptune
  • Peanut Point – Connected by land, Peanut Point sells boiled peanuts, drinks and snacks during the summer
  • Pineywood Island – Small island near the Elkahatchee Boat Ramp
  • Pirate Island-  Located in the mouth of Madwin Creek, A pirate display was erected 20 years ago and locals continue the tradition to this day.
  • Real Island – Not an island or distinct community, residents named it for “Real Island Road,” which runs through it, and a nearby marina.
  • Sand Island – Sand Island is a small island located between Willow Point and Kowaliga Marina. Over the years erosion has taken its toll on the island, but rocks have recently been placed around the island to prevent it from being completed washed away. Boats frequently park on its sandy shallow beach. It is likely the smallest island on the lake.
  • Snake Island – The name says it all
  • Uncle Bobs Islands – twin islands both with sandy beaches and camping areas in the Blue Creek area
  • Wilmarth’s Island– only inhabited island on the lake. Located near the Blue Creek Bridge (State Rd 49).
  • Young’s Island – The Young residence (of Young’s ferry) was here and was destroyed by fire in the early 1990s. The foundation remains and there are historic markers for the graves of the family’s children.

Woods Island / Big Beach

Home of Big Beach, Wood’s Island is a larger island, connected to the mainland by a land bridge during low water times. It has several trails for hiking. It can be found at the end of Young’s Ferry Rd on the West side of the lake. 


Here you will find boats beached on the shore enjoying the sandy beach.