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100 Things To Do At Lake Martin

A list of 100 things for you to do on your trip to Lake Martin! 

1.    Hike Smith Mountain Fire Tower 
2.    Sleep outside in a tent 
3.    Try all the Bushwackers around the lake 
4.    Read a book in a hammock 
5.    Watch fireworks
6.    Go for a boat ride
7.    Enjoy time with your friends and family
8.    Have a bonfire
9.    Don’t for­get the S’mores
10. Watch the sunset over the water 
11. Have lunch at The Landing at Parker Creek
12. Play Corn Hole
13. Try Waterskiing
14. Book a Fishing Trip with David Hare
15. Fly a kite

16. Check out Lake Martin Machine Gun
17. Pick up some pimento cheese at the 34 Market
18. Watch a sports event at Coppers Bar & Grill
19. Golf at Stillwaters
20. Spend an afternoon floating
21. Spot some docking lights
22. Zipline at Windcreek
23. Find Pirate Island
24. Ride a Jet Ski
25. Order a Lake Martin Shirt from UnSalted Waters
26. Jump off the dock!
27. Wear a wild swimsuit
28. Check the islands for painted rocks
29. Beach your boat at Big Beach 

30. Get a Daiquiri at The Daiquiri Bar. 
31. Do Yoga on the dock 
32. Have Pizza at Chucks 
33. Get up early and watch the sunrise 
34. Stay up late and gaze at the stars 
35. Watch the jumpers at Chimney Rock 
36. Get an Ice Cream from an ice cream boat 
37. Tube with a friend
38. Wake Surf
39. Spot a seaplane
40. Spot a Bald Eagle 
41. Find a two story boat house
42. Go a whole day without internet
43. Find the 2 lighthouses
44. Listen to live music from a local band
45. Buy vegetables at local stand

46. Find Elvis
47. Go Paddle boarding
48. Honk going under a bridge
49. Find a Rope Swing
50. Stop for lunch at The Social
51. Search for Geocaches
52. Try to find a freshwater jellyfish
53. Take a ride in a golf cart to Coppers Grill
54. Join Lake Martin Boaters on Facebook
55. Shop in downtown Dadeville
56.  Do a cannonball
57. Find Cheeseburger Island
58. Spot a Sailboat
59. Find the Dam… but don’t get too close
60. Try the Cheeseballs at Oskars
61. Get Boiled peanuts at Peanut Point
62. Take a photo of the flag on Flag Island
63. Play a game of cards

64. Go kayaking
65. Take a nap
66. Pick up trash to keep Lake Martin clean
67. Join Lake Martin Resource Association
68. Keep an eye out for swimming deer
69. Catch fire flies
70. Turn OFF the TV
71. Turn up the music
72. Trivia Night at Niffers
73. Have a water balloon fight
74. Check out the ice cream at all the marinas
75. Climb a tree
76. Catch a frog
77. Spot a dog on a dock
78. Wave at passing boats
79. Skip a rock across the water
80.  Pack a lunch to eat on the boat
81.  Buy a local watermelon
82. Sing some Karaōke
83. Shop at Catherines Market
84. Play hide and go seek

85. Find Cemetery Island
86. Have a Shrimp Boil
87. Shop in Downtown Alex City
88. Tell ghost stories at night
89. Buy the kids bubbles
90. Go wakeboarding
91. Take your photo with the statue at Kowaliga
92. Anchor in slough
93. Find the Scrushy Mansion
94. Let the kids stay up late
95. Do a Poker Run
96. Spot a military plane flyover
97. Watch a movie
98. Check out all the cool lake houses
99. Buy a lake house
100. Do nothing at all 

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